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If it’s the middle of winter and you’ve got no heating to combat the onslaught of frost that’s settling on your windowsill, call on your emergency home insurance cover for assistance.

Don’t sit and panic when the unexpected happens. There’s a specific type of insurance designed to provide help when you’re wading through a flooded kitchen, or piling on the layers of clothing because of a broken heating system. Don’t feel stuck when your vital services go down, just add emergency cover to your existing home insurance policy for round-the-clock support.


What is home emergency cover in home insurance?

Emergency cover in home insurance is set up to lend a hand when the unexpected happens. In the UK it’s one of the most commonly available optional extras that you can add onto your policy, as it offers peace of mind in case of the unexpected.

Most emergency home insurance policies will cover you for things that are not included in standard buildings and contents insurance. Emergency home cover also gives you the security of having the option to call out an appointed tradesperson when difficulties occur. Before deciding what extras to add, it’s a good idea to see what your existing home insurance policy already covers.

With most providers, you’re not required to pay any excess when making a claim against emergency home insurance. It’s just one fixed cost per annual policy. Typically, there’s also no set limit on the amount of claims you can make throughout the duration of your policy, which is ideal as no one plans for things to go wrong.

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What is emergency cover on home insurance?

In some cases, insurance providers will offer home emergency cover as part of their standard home insurance. In these cases, you should avoid paying for the policy twice over. Do make sure you check with your provider before adding emergency cover to an existing policy.

It can be a good idea to read the small print of any insurance policy to see exactly what it is you are covered for. For example, some policies have limits on the type of cover you can receive for your boiler or heating system.

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What does emergency home insurance cover?

If your boiler suddenly breaks down and a pipe bursts, or if a tree falls on your roof during a storm, then you’d be pretty unlucky, but this is where emergency insurance can help.

The most common inclusions for emergency home insurance will cover you for unexpected emergencies that directly affect your living situation.

Emergency home insurance can offer protection for several incidents. It’ll cover the call out costs of a certified tradesperson, as well as labour and VAT up to a fixed amount.

Typically, your emergency home insurance can cover you for things such as:

  • Faulty boiler and heating
  • Roof damage
  • If your home security has been compromised, e.g. locks, doors and windows
  • Problems with plumbing and drainage
  • Pest infestation
  • Internal electrics

You’ll find that some insurers will also cover the costs of alternative accommodation if your home has become uninhabitable.

Inclusions in policies do vary from provider to provider, so do make sure you check what’s included in your policy before you sign.

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How do I claim on my emergency home cover?

Following a smashed window or a flooded kitchen, you'll need to assess the damage. You'll need to call your provider’s emergency line to make a claim. Typically, depending on the circumstances and the scale of the damage, most home insurance providers will aim to get to a certified tradesperson out to you, well within 24hrs. They may send out someone from the insurance company to formally assess the damage before taking action, but this is generally a quick process.

You’ll need to note if your provider gives a guaranteed response time. If your policy does not state a time frame for call outs, it may be quicker for you to call a local tradesperson. This may depend on the type of claim you’re trying to make and where you’re located. If you do call a local tradesperson, the cost of the call out, labour and VAT will not usually be covered by your insurance provider.

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What the RAC can offer you

Our Home Assistance cover can be added onto an RAC Home Insurance policy, providing the policyholder is also the homeowner. It’s extra protection that gives you round the clock assistance to help with home insurance emergencies. Find out more about the optional extras we offer here.

Get a quote for RAC Home Insurance here.

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