How to Compare RAC Breakdown Cover Options

Knowing how to compare the different RAC Breakdown Cover options is essential when you are looking to purchase the right breakdown cover for you. To do this you need to understand what your breakdown needs are, what our standard cover provides and how our additional levels of cover compare to that. Tempting as it is to go with the cheapest package when making a breakdown cover comparison, the cheapest package may not meet all your needs and you may end up paying more in the long run. Our RAC Breakdown Cover Comparison guide will help you understand which options are available, how they compare and which levels options are best suited for you needs. You can also compare Breakdown Cover levels against the RAC and other organisations.

RAC Breakdown Cover Options Comparison

Do you drive long distances on a regular basis?

If you travel far on a regular basis then it is important to understand how our Breakdown options compare to ensure you are properly covered. With our standard Roadside Rescue package your vehicle will be attended at the roadside 24/7, as long as you are over a ¼ mile away from home. If in the unlikely event we are unable to fix your vehicle, our Roadside Rescue cover also includes a 10-mile tow to a destination of your choice. In comparison, our Recovery option will take you and up to 8 passengers and your car to your chosen destination anywhere in mainland UK. This additional level of cover is desirable for those who regularly travel with passengers or for those who travel far from home and need the flexibility of a mainland tow.

Do you drive locally on a regular basis?

Most motorists are unaware of the fact that most car breakdowns are likely to occur near the home. If you primarily travel locally, whether it’s dropping the kids to school or popping round the shops, then it certainly worth comparing the different RAC Rescue options. Where our Roadside Rescue will attend your vehicle a ¼ mile away from your home, our At Home will attend your car if it breaks down at home, or within a quarter of a mile of your home.

Are you dependent on your car?

Though we are proud of our record of fixing 4 out of 5 vehicles by the roadside, we also provide further services if we are unable to fix your vehicle. Compared to our standard level of cover, our Garage Parts and Labour package is designed for drivers who depend heavily on their vehicle, but may not have the finances to fit it straight away. This optional extra will cover the cost of certain parts and labour up to £750 per claim through the RAC-approved garage network to help get you back on the road again. It should be remembered that this option is only available with our Recovery cover package.

How often do you drive your car?

Flat batteries are one of the most frequent causes of breakdowns. If you drive infrequently and for short periods of time, then you could be increasing the chance of a flat battery. Compared to our stand-alone basic level of cover, for just £20.99 extra per year our Battery Rescue will source, fit and pay for a replacement battery if yours cannot be recharged.

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