Scooter Insurance

We use our expertise to find you the right Scooter Insurance at the right price from a panel of our approved UK insurers.

 No claims discounts available (including NCD up to three years old for returning bikers)

 Flexible cover options including multi-bike policies and cover for accessories and modifications

 90 days EU cover as standard (3 x 30 day periods)

 Choose from comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only

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If you have a query regarding RAC Motorbike Insurance purchased before the 16thFebruary 2016^, or you purchased a policy quoted for prior to this date, please call 0333 202 3047.

Why choose RAC Scooter Insurance?

Motorbike Insurance from the RAC offers riders the cover required for them to ride their scooter lawfully in the UK. With the savings from reduced running costs a scooter can provide, having the right cover to compliment your scooter will help you make further savings to provide a cheap way for getting from A to B. Combining our years of motoring expertise with our approved panel of insurers, we endeavour to provide you with a tailored policy at the most suitable price.

Types of cover

 Third party only - Covers damage to other people's vehicles and property.

 Third party, fire and theft - This policy covers the same as third party only, but also includes, theft of vehicle, damage to your vehicle during theft and fire damage.

 Comprehensive policy – The most wide-ranging level of cover. This policy includes everything covered by Third party, fire and theft along with accidental damage cover and loss or damage to your scooter.

Why do I need Scooter Insurance?

Motorbike Insurance offers riders cover that echoes the lower costs and reduced risks that come with owning a scooter. Often more practical than owning a considerably larger vehicle, like a sports motorbike, especially when it comes to manoeuvring around busy city centres, scooters offer motorists a sensible and cost effective alternative for short commutes or quick visits to the shops:

  • With the level of freedom they provide to younger riders, not having to wait that extra year to take their driving licence, or having to rely on the night bus to get home, or worse, needing to get a lift from mum and dad, scooters are ever popular with youngsters.
  • Likewise, speed limiters on modern scooters mean most vehicles won’t go over 30mph. The savings that can be made with the amazing fuel economy mean scooters are popular with parents alike; knowing their children will be riding safely and cheaply.
  • For the more experienced rider having a smaller vehicle to make the shorter trips can prove to be a great money saver.
With a number of similar vehicles on the market, the UK definition of a scooter is a light motorcycle with small wheels, with an engine size of 49cc or above, and a step through frame that is usually combined with rear mounted engine. These smaller sized vehicles, with their reduced risks and lower costs, means once a young motorist passes their CBT test and gets their ‘L’ plates, they can take the next step of applying to get insurance and get their scooter on the road.

As it is mandatory in the UK for all vehicles to be insured it is therefore a legal requirement for your scooter to be insured. Regardless of whether you only use your scooter during the summer holidays or have it stored somewhere for the winter, it has to be insured. Exceptions are only given to vehicles with a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) sent to them by the DVLA. With the government cracking down on motorists with new Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) regulations, motorists without insurance can find themselves with a £1,000 fine, possible court prosecution or your scooter being seized and destroyed.

^ These policies relate to RAC Motorbike Insurance arranged and administered by Devitt Insurance Services Limited and underwritten by a panel of insurers.

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