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RAC Report on Motoring 2015

This year’s RAC Report on Motoring paints a comprehensive picture of drivers' views on topics they think are most important, such as the condition of the nation's roads, fuel prices and the tax burden they face, as well as the road safety and vehicle technology.

RAC Report on Motoring 2015.

RAC Report on Motoring 2014

This year’s RAC Report on Motoring explores British motorists’ relationship with their car and with motoring in general. It examines motorists’ behaviours, attitudes and beliefs to paint the most detailed and accurate picture yet of what makes drivers in Motoring Britain today tick.

RAC Report on Motoring 2014.

RAC Report on Motoring 2013

In this, the 25th edition of the RAC’s Report on Motoring, we take a look back at the past quarter of a century at attitudes and opinion on the UK’s roads. And with 30 million drivers relying on their cars for day-to-day transport, we also reveal the key issues facing our motoring population in 2013.

RAC Report on Motoring 2013_img

RAC Report on Motoring 2012

There are 30 million drivers in the UK, many of whom use their car each day for commuting to work, transporting their families and carrying out social activities. This Report provides a comprehensive snapshot of their behaviour and attitudes to motoring in 2012.

RAC Cost of Motoring Index 2011

View the key findings of the RAC Cost of Motoring index from 2011.

Release date: November 2011

RAC Report on Motoring 2011

Read the 2011 Report on Motoring including foreward by Quentin Willson.

RAC Report on Motoring 2011_img

RAC Report on Motoring 2010

Read more to find out what was on the mind of drivers in 2010.

Reference pdf_14062010
Release date June 2010

RAC Report on Motoring 2010_img

RAC Cost of Motoring Index 2010

Read how the annual cost of owning and running a car increased in 2010.

Release date: November 2010

RAC Cost of Motoring Index 2010_img

RAC Report on Motoring 2009

Read how motorist feel about driving in 2009.

Reference: pdf_18372009
Release date: June 2009

RAC Report on Motoring 2009_img

RAC Cost of Motoring Index 2009

Read how the recession effected our Cost of Motoring Index in 2009.

Reference pdf_17112009
Release date 17-11-2009

RAC Report on Motoring 2008 - Society

What did drivers want from their cars in 2008?

Reference pdf_17972008
Release date 9-7-2008

RAC Report on Motoring 2008 - Technology

How has technology affected our driving over the last 20 years?

Reference pdf_18062008
Release date October 2008

RAC Report on Motoring 2008 - Environment

Is our current level of car use sustainable?

Reference: pdf_18192008
Release date: December 2008

Breakdown Britain Report 2008

Discover a first hand view from RAC's 2000 Patrols.

Reference pdf_17992008
Release date 7-8-2008

RAC Cost of Motoring Index 2008

Review what the Cost of Motoring was in our 2008 Index.

Reference pdf_18052008
Release date 2-10-2008

RAC Report on Motoring 2007 - Executive Summary

Executive Summary of our 2007 Report on Motoring.

Reference pdf_17422007
Release date 13-6-2007

RAC Report on Motoring 2007 - Driving Safely

The focus of this year’s RAC Report on Motoring is on driving and safety.

Reference pdf_17412007
Release date 13-6-2007

Driving Abroad Report

Comprehensive report on Driving Abroad from 2008.


Reference pdf_17982008
Release date 31-7-2008

RAC Report on Motoring 2006

The Future of Motoring: A clear road map or collision course?

Reference: rep_06072701
Release date: 27-6-2006

Breakdown Britain Report 2006

Read our report on Breakdown Britian from 2006.

Reference pdf_17092006
Release date 30-11-2006

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