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Complaints Data

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requires us to publish regulated complaints data for RAC Motoring Services and RAC Insurance Limited.

For the period: July - December 2014 - all complaints fall under General Insurance & Pure Protection heading

  Number of complaints opened Number of complaints closed Complaints closed within 8 weeks (%) Closed complaints upheld by firm (%)
Banking 0 0 0 0
Home Finance 0 0 0 0
General Insurance & Protection:
RAC Motoring Services 3,991 3,332 98% 46%
RAC Insurance Limited 1,382 1,044 82% 27%
Decumulation, Life & Pensions 0 0 0 0
Investments 0 0 0 0

Putting this data into context:

For the period of 1 July to 31 December 2014 there were policies in force across the RAC companies covering:

  • Breakdown cover (personal and vehicle-based)
  • Car insurance (including motorbike, day, caravan and motor home)
  • Home insurance (buildings and contents)
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Personal accident
  • Warranty

What we're doing for our members:

  • Greater understanding of what our customers’ feedback is and reacting to their concerns.  
  • Continuously reviewing our processes and systems to ensure that we are acting in the most efficient and prompt way for our members.
  • Continuing to improve our approach to ensure we send the correct vehicle to our members, helping reduce delay and improve customer journey.
  • Improving demand forecasting when our customers need us the most to ensure we deliver expected service.
  • There are lots of ways in which customers can communicate with us and we’ve recently become more active on our social channels. It’ s important that we’re accessible for our customers.
  • Launched a new member benefits web page bringing more offers to our members.

We value your feedback:

We are always trying to improve our customer experience, products and service - that’s why we would like to hear from our members. If there is any feedback you would like to give, simply contact us.

Are you unhappy with our service?

Because we are always trying to improve our customer experience we would also like to hear from our members if they’re not satisfied. Doing this is easy - if you are unhappy with any aspect of our products or service, please contact us and tell us what the problem is. We’ll do everything we can to put things right.

RAC products and services:

Breakdown cover:

  • UK Breakdown cover
  • Euro breakdown cover
  • Business cover
  • Motorbike cover
  • Fuel patrol
  • Horse trailer assistance
  • Blue badge cover


  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Motorbike insurance
  • Caravan insurance
  • Classic car insurance
  • Day insurance
  • Motorhome insurance

Other products:

  • Legal Services
  • Vehicle Warranty
  • Personal Accident
  • Onward Travel