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Thread: White Van Man

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    Aye! but does that not bring us back to the situation where the majority have to pay or suffer, for the sake of a small minority?

    Like the speed bumps, where we all have to put up with suspensions being ruined, for the sake of a few boy racers, who treat the roads on housing estates like race tracks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mash101uk View Post
    Fraid thats not right.. B + E entitles you to 3.5 ton plus a trailer OVER 750kg
    Sorry your right I ment to say B cover's you up to 3.5 ton and a 750kg trailer and B + E is a trailer over 750kg sorry must of been having brain fade . I go sit on the naughty step

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    Quote Originally Posted by bby gti View Post
    I go sit on the naughty step
    lol no worries

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