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    Default petrol station opening times

    Mum and us are going on long journey to scotland starting out on late Good Friday, And she is worried that petrol stations on route may be shut, can anyone tell us a good website to check opening times. Looking at individual company ones dont seem to offer any info of this sort.

    Thanks for the help, in advance. ps. we would for the majority be going on the motorway.


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    In my experience you'll find most m-way filling stations open - same for 24 hour supermarkets with filling stations. Rather than checking with the fuel cos, trying the motorway service area group websites.

    Depending on where you are going in Scotland, you may find small fillling stations are closed or open for restricted hours on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

    It may not be much help as my handbook and website access only relates to filling stations that supply LPG as well as unleaded and diesel but if you want to give me your route, will look those up to get opening times for you. But you must get back to me first thing tomorrow to give me time to do this.


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