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Thread: nissan micra light flashing/won't start

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    Default nissan micra light flashing/won't start

    Hi - I'm new here, and v.v. worried re my Nissan micra 1.3 R reg.

    The water pump started leaking recently, so the car overheated and the yellow light came on (without flashing) It did this even after being parked overnight. However the car drove okay and after a few hundred miles the light went off again. Since I'm ditching the car in the new year and just need to get from A to B I left it at that.

    It was running perfectly on a short run to the shops today - no misfiring or warning lights etc - but when I tried to start it 30 mins after parking, the engine turned over but wouldn't start (it's got fuel, BTW). Then I noticed the yellow engine warning light was flashing - it did this as soon as the ignition was switched on i.e. before I started the car. I fiddled under the bonnet, checked all the leads etc but it was still the same - I had to leave the car and walk home. Does this mean something v. terminal has suddenly happened to my engine? Is it a 'silly little fault' easily repaired by the roadside, or something major that's going to cost lots of money - in which case, I'll ditch it as it's not worth spending a lot of money on.

    Does anyone have an answer as to why this light should suddenly start flashing and a perfectly reliable car suddenly decide not to run? I'd say it's the fuel pump but how would that affect the engine warning light? Another forum suggested it could be the engine immobiliser, but I've never had probs in that direction before.

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    It is almost certainly the immobiliser as most cars do this. You could try another key first.
    There are a number of posts about this so use the search button at the top of the page and type in Nissan Micra and have a look.
    MerseyPatrol (ex Nissan tech) usually says it is the read coil which is at fault. It is a small unit that fits around the ignition barrel and is quite easily replaced.

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    Default Micra

    My Micra had a problem with the immobiliser and in the end I found a vehicle locksmith who came out and checked it over and re synced the keys and immobiliser, some thing Nissan dont do at the roadside!
    They cover the West Mids area

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    Default nissan flashing light

    I think you have the engine management light on if you have fuel you need to find out if you have a spark it could be engine pick up sensore if there is a spark you could have an over fueling problem you can check this by pulling the fuel pump fuse out and trying to start . if its the situation of no spark you will need a good multi metre in any ignition system you are looking for live earth and switching.hope this helps

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