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Thread: 2004 Renault Clio Overheating?

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    Default 2004 Renault Clio Overheating?

    Hi - hope somebody can advise.
    My wife has a 1.2 Renault Clio which gave her cause for concern this morning.
    Whilst driving up the motorway at about 70mph the engine warning light started flashing and the temperature gauge rose to the 4th bar (it usually doesn't move from the 2nd) - anyway she nursed it back home and asked me to check the coolants etc.
    I left it a few hours and then started and left it idling for about 10 minutes after checking the coolant levels and hoses etc. I then took it for a drive and gave it a bit of a harsh drive. I turned the heater on full blast on full heat and all I managed to replicate was the temperature gauge rising to the 4th bar. I took the car home and again left it idling for about an hour. During that time I turned the heater off and the gauge returned to the 2nd bar. I eventually switched off the ignition and the cooling fan started but no warning lights.
    Any advice?

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    once its upto temp, the thermostat should open and then circulate the hot water through the radiator. if it continues to rise it brings the radiator fan on.

    I suggest getting it warm again and feeling the hoses entering a exiting the radiator. my moneys on these being stone cold. a thermostat is only £10 from a motor factors

    dont let it get too hot though as this can warp the engine and cause damage.

    I'm not a mechanic though. just mechanically minded. someone else will hopefully back me up or prove me wrong!

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    It is quite usual for the fan to cut in on some cars after being switched off. It is usually the ones where the temp sensor is at top of engine, and the heat rising can trigger the fan.
    Are you saying that without the heater blower on, the gauge reads higher than with it on?
    During the hour or so you left the engine running, did the fan cut in at all, if so, did it bring the gauge reading down?

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