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Thread: Insurance..fault or none fault?

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    Default Insurance..fault or none fault?

    Hello everybody, I'm a newbie to the site.

    What brought me here was shopping for insurance I didn't realise there was even a motoring forum here.

    Anyhow I'm just asking for your advise.

    Back in June 2005 I was involved in a motorway accident, my insurance company (not RAC) paid out to the car behind within 2 weeks, however they failed to tell me this until it was time for myself to renew the following December. I was rather stunned as I had maintained that I couldn't have been liable. I sent in a letter of complaint (twice, one in December and one in January) and eventually in February 2006 they responded with

    "The circumstances of the accident you were involved in were such that we should have undertaken a more thorough investigation. As this action was not taken we are now unable to state for certain the cause of the accident and therefore unable to confirm liability.

    I understand that (employees name) has been in touch to advise you that this claim will no longer affect your 'no claims discount'. this has been confirmed with our customer services dept who have updated their records and will send you written confirmation of this. Once received, if you pass this onto your current insurers they will be able to adjust their records and your premium accordingly"

    Now this sounded like they had decided it was no longer a fault claim on my record as I got my NCB back (all 3 years of it) and never paid an excess, however I rung said insurance company today to find out the cost of the claim (I needed it for a quote) and they said as they never recovered the costs it is still classed as my fault.

    Surely if they paid out in this circumstance it is their own fault they can't recover the cost?

    Its causing havoc as £2000 fault claim looks bad on most websites, whereas other insurance companies such as diamond decide whether it was fault or not purely on the basis of whether you lost your NCB (or would have in the case of protected NCB).

    Any advise would be great!

    Kind Regards

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    Welcome to the forum Martine. It's a really really quiet forum but hopefully the administrators will get one of the insurance team to post you some advice. I would also recommend you post a request for advice on the forums on

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    thats a tricky one. i got a mate who works in insurance i'll see if i can ask him to see where you stand

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