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Thread: ford galaxy problem unlocking drivers door

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    Default ford galaxy problem unlocking drivers door

    I have a 1995 Ford Galaxy. The barrel lock does not work on the drivers door. I can lock/unlock the other door via the passenger door lock. I can not replace the lock on the drivers door as I can't unlock the door.
    I have managed to remove the door panel and can reach the central locking mechanism. I can manage to turn the arm to actuate locking but can not unlock.
    Can anybody help me to unlock the drivers door, so I don't have to scramble over the passenger seat to get in and out? Please....

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    is it a central locking fault ?... does the door unlock from inside the car ?...
    ford cars always suffer from barrel wear and you would need to change the barrel to fix the problem, unless it is a faulty rod or actuator

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    The barrel failing or more correctly the 'paddle' between the barrel and the lock mechanism is common, symptoms are a stiff barrel and/or key spinning round, fairly easy and cheap to fix, VW do repair kit for around £4, Ford will only sell you a complete barrel.
    If you can't open the door even when unlocking via the boot or passenger door the drivers door is probably still deadlocked, which could either be; broken wire syndrome in the door gaiters (very likely) or the motor assembly attached to the door lock mech is faulty (unlikely).

    Have you tried disconnecting the 3 wire multiplug (barrel), leave the other connected, and unlocking with the key in pass door?
    Does the door led flash when locked if so how often? also when key is in pos 3 in ign
    Does global open/close work, hold key in un/lock position for 3 seconds in boot/pass door
    If the wires are broken in the gaiters and are obviously inaccessible then you will need to bypass the break from the c/l module under pass seat to six wire multi-plug in door.
    I can give you help on this but not on a public forum, with mods permission you can email me at

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    Default ford galaxy driver side door wont unlock

    I cant unlcok my drivers side of my galaxy. i have taken the door offf but do not know how to fix the lock
    any ideas?
    asap please

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