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Thread: Rover 25 Head Gasket problems

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    Default Rover 25 Head Gasket problems

    I have a Rover 25 X Reg 1.6is ...
    I had the head gasket replaced in Feb 2007...however in the last 2 weeks I noticed that the car was losing water...So I had it pressure tested ect as I thought it was a water leak from the rad or pump ect..however there are no leaks what so ever...As it is losing a full expansion tank every 3 days approx 70miles of driving I was advsied that the head gasket may have gone again.I checked the oil and no water had leaked into it and the car was not overheating.However I noticed that there semed to be excessive water vapour coming from my exhust...which makes me think thats where the water is ecsaping too....As the Head gasket was still under warrenty I took a trip back to the garage..They ran a few test like checking the HC levels in the water and told me it was not the head gasket asif it was there would be blue smoke from my exhust..(that would be if it was mixing the oil I think)
    They had no idea what it may be but suggested that the engine lining may have dropped.. I've told the only way this can happen is if the engine wasnt supported when the head was done..Which wud be down too them..R they trying it one as so not to replace head ...PLEASE HELP SUZIE>>>>>>

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    Firstly, I would point out that if you fill the expansion tank beyond the Max mark, you can lose too much water through a kind of siphoning effect when the engine gets hot.
    If you are not overfilling the expansion tank, and still losing water, I would have all the tests done again. The water must be going somewhere.

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    Yes I agree.The cooling system needs to be pressure tested first to check for any external leaks (don't forget to check inside the car for a leaking heater matrix). Then as I think you described a 'block test' needs to be carried out. I have found on the K series engine it can take up to 30 minutes to get a postive result.
    To answer your question about the liners-these have been known to move when the engine overheats and 'fret' against the cylinder head. This is normally confirmed by measuring the liner height and also noramally you have tell tale witness marks on the cylinder head as well.
    It is true that clamps should be used to stop the liners moving and also to keep the oil rail inside the sump tight,but this is normally only a problem if the engine is rotated whilst the cylinder head is removed.
    If you do have the head gasket done again and the engine is ok-insist that the latest land rover parts are used-this includes a MLS gasket (Multi layer steel) and a replacement oil rail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hsbc05 View Post
    .However I noticed that there semed to be excessive water vapour coming from my exhust...which makes me think thats where the water is ecsaping too....
    your car is fitted with a catalytic converter , it will turn some of the nasty emissions to a water state . when you checked the exhaust fumes was the car hot or first start cold ?

    sounds normal to me , but i could be wrong you never know

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    Hi thanks for your reply....I have now got the garage too agree to replace the head gasket free of charge as they only fitted it in Feb....lets hope it solves the problem
    and I will get them to fit a MLS gasket ........
    Many thanks Suzie.......
    Not bad going for a girl......

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    Cool Need some help with this please

    We have a Rover 25 (AV Reg) and the motor was replaced with a second hand one (purchased from a reputable dealer) last month, it had 36000miles on the clock and a specialist engin dealer fitted it for us, 2 days ago the car started missing and when looking the engin oil is milky, sounds like a head gasket to me. The new motor came with a 90 day warranty and the guys who fitted it also gave 90 days on their work, but my problem now is who could have caused the fault or is it just one of those things, and do i go for a motor replacement or rather have it fixed, when they were fitting the motor i asked if we should have the new gasket fitted and was advised not to.

    The car had been running like a dream until 2 days ago although there was a amber light coming up on the dashboard which was a low pressure somewhere and after having taken it back late in December it is booked in for Tuesday to be tested with the company that fitted the motor, so not sure where to go now.

    Many thanks

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