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    Evening all

    I recently purchased a 64 plate qashqai. I bought from a dealer and several days later i noticed the aircon was not blowing out cold, never checked it at the time i bought it for some reason. Anyway i got a UV torch and looked in the engine bay at night to see if the gases had leaked out and low and behold they had. I contaxted the dealer and they asked me to return the car to them for inspection as i had a 30 day warranty on it, but i live in london and i bought the car from west bromich so this was not really feasable. I then got a quote to replace the condenser and regas which came to 600. I sent this to the dealer and they have said this is too expensive and the car would need to be returned to them.

    The issue is not only the journey but theybwould require the car for atvleast 24 hours, this means o would have to do a 500 mile overall trip as i would need to go there and back twice!! Where do i stand with this as i dont want to go back to them and i was never advised that the car would need to be returned to them if i had any issues. I assumed the warranty wiuld be done at a network garage that is part of their extended warranty options


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    You need to take the car back to the garage and get them to look at it-- one problem when buying a car from far away.

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    1. Forget the so-called warranty, it is a smokescreen.
    2. Read the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 'Which' have put it in simple to understand explanations.
    3. You can reject the car within the first 30 days at absolutely no cost to you if there is/are faults with the car. You are then entitled to a FULL refund (none of the dodgy dealer's I want 100 for the time you have had it nonsense). If you are still within the 30 days I advise you do reject it as already they are being unreasonable - they should authorise a local repair to you. You can reject by email, this is accepted by the courts and I'd advise you also send a letter (template letters available to copy here: ) by recorded delivery just to ensure no evasive tactics by the dealer.
    4. In view of the work needed rejection is the sensible thing to do. He must by law pay you back all your money - don't be fobbed off with non-refundable deposit, there is NO such thing in this case - within 14 days.
    5. If you are outside the 30 days, then you must give the dealer one opportunity to repair the car properly. That will mean a trip unless you can negotiate for a local repair. If he refuses or fails to repair then you are able to reject the car during the next 6 months. The law is on your side so use it.

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