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Thread: Have the French Police Gone Mad?

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    Just guidance not a rule set personally I think it makes sense. Im surprised with how some people can drive in boots, I find it hard driving in my walking boots. Cant feel the pedals. I end up braking too heavily or applying too much throttle etc. But I guess if you drive in boots every day you get used to it.

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    I wore boots all the time when I was driving a truck. The driving position is different - you are much more over the pedals than in a car so need less ankle movement. The pedals are bigger too.

    After work, I changed into shoes for the drive home in my car.

    Many East Europen driver wore flip-flops and only put boots on when they were in a yard that required them. In fact, on Trucknet, 'flip-flop' is a synonym for EU driver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markdas View Post
    So soldiers, firemen, hikers, construction workers etc etc would be unable to drive according to the RAC guidance........
    Or they just change their shoes to drive...I think it does vary a lot depending on how the shoe/boot is constructed as well...sometimes a thick sole may be easy enough to drive in...think my trainers are more than 10mm thick and don't cause an issue.

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    Im sure there are occaisions where footwear is an issue.......but I guess I just get a bit....irked when someone suggests its dangerous and even puts a measurement on it......I am now imagining the Gendarm armed with a 6" ruler at the gates of the ferry to catch us next?

    My brother in law is a Kiwi and still drives barefoot as he said most of his mates do all the time.....he seems to manage okay? Didn't Zola Bud run marathons without shoes?

    There will still be some idiots out there who want to wear Monster Face slippers or something but no rules will stop them.......

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