Hi Guys ,I was hoping someone on here can help me with an accident involving my car .

In 2009 I purchased an exhaust for my car through a private sale on a forum of which i am a member ,after agreeing a price for the exhaust i enquired if i could get the exhaust fitted at the garage the seller was working for i was told yes and i was booked in for the fitting of my new exhaust .I agreed to the charge of 1 1/2 hours work on my car .

I set off from Birmingham to the garage in Essex and handed my car over and was told to wait outside while they fit my new full exhaust system as the garage insurance will not let me enter the garage premises while work was done on my car .My exhaust was fitted and payment was made .The chap i purchased the exhaust from and the owner went out in my car to check if the turbos weren't overboosting so no damage would occur to my engine.
The car never came back and was involved in a fatal collision killing the owner of the garage who was a passenger in my vehicle and also the driver of the car they hit .

My insurance will not pay me for my car as i was not the driver at the time ,the garage has since gone bust and the soliciter i was appointed has not been very helpful and i have a feeling that his not working in my interests but in the insurance companies (hsbc) which has since the accident gone out of business .

I had a meeting with the soliciter and am unhappy with the way my case is proceeding & would like to know if there's anything else i can do ?
I have a feeling im being fobbed off