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However, Ireland is a separate country from the UK but one doesn't need a Passport to travel from Wales to Ireland.
The question of whether or not a passport would be needed is not the issue, Dennis. We are talking about risks to the future of Scotland, and possibly the UK. As Hometune says, "What a mess!"
Many ordinary folk can see this "mess" in the making, so why are the likes of Alec salmon pursuing this cause for independence?
I get the impression that salmon is banking on two factors - oil revenue and the fishing industry. But oil and gas reserves are a very tenuous commodity, and will not last indefinitely. And when exploration is far out into the North Sea, Scotland will not have a legal territory to claim for such oil/gas fields. As for the fishing grounds, Scotland could face a very limited catchment area if boundary lines were drawn from points extending east and west of the border with England. All supposition I'll admit, but its amazing how even powerful politicians will behave like spiteful, spoilt little children in order to get their own way.
When it comes down to it, is the anticipated prize for independence (which could well be a booby prize) really worth Scotland battling to separate itself from the UK?