Hi,not sure if this in the right section but here goes.I,m looking for some advice on how I stand regarding a gearbox problem I have with the above car.The car was purchased in December for my daughter.It was sold with an M O T and a "full service"After a few weeks I noticed an oil leak.Upon investigation I found a bright yellow aerosol cap had been stuck with sealer of some sort to the gearbox sump to try and cover up damage of some sort.Anyway the sales garage took it to another garage to do the work under warranty.When my daughter arrived home Monday night there was a large amount of oil dumped on the drive.Guess what the leak was in the exact same place.I had it towed to my local garage and on taking the gearbox sump off a piece of cog fell out.The patrol man said that something had tried to force its way out thereby cracking the sump.I am waiting on a recon box to be fitted.
How do I stand legally as to getting some or all of the cost of repair back?
Someone put the cap on originally?
Nobody noticed the cap when the service was carried out?
Did the servicing garage put the cap on to cover the damage?
Has the gearbox had a problem all along?
I await any replies with interest.Thanks