Hi All,

Apologies for being new and posting straight away, Im just in a bit of a mess now and dont know where to turn & i hope someone has some advice from experience really.

I was involved in an accident, at the scene the other driver admitted he was at fault so i thought fair enough he seems genuine (didnt bother with the police as both cars were able to drive away safely)

Since that he has now denied liability, my insurance require my excess to deal with the case due to him denying liability (which at the moment I cant afford)

A long story short the accident happened just after exiting an island:

we came off a dual carriage way onto a 2 lane slip road i was in the left hand lane he was in the right hand lane, we both followed our lanes around the island just as my lane split off to join another road he realised he was in the wrong lane and tried to change, colliding with the front drivers wing of my car & his wing / passengers door (i live at the bottom of the road we were merging onto so it wouldnt make sense for me to want to change lanes also? :S

He has admitted being in the wrong lane and changing lanes, but now he is denying liability saying that i also tried to change lanes and collided with the rear of his car (how can i prove im not liable?) I drive the route every day and know what lane i need to be in... I just want to avoid being taken for a mug

His insurance are just avoiding the situation claiming to be waiting for more information, but he has admitted changing lanes to them.

What can i do & where do i stand? I just dont know what to do any more... His insurance has mine & his statement.

Many Thanks