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Thread: Vectra Handbrake

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    Default Handbrake

    Quote Originally Posted by Rachm7 View Post
    Hate to be arguementitive but 1] driving instructors now teach you not to leave your car in gear. 2] Also, it can damage your gearbox if you get hit while its parked.
    You have no need to apologise, because I am going to state my case once more, comprehensively, and I shall then not respond to any more nonsense on this subject, so I won't be argueing with me. You can then go and crash your car all you like if you choose to ignore sensible advice, I won't:-

    1] I couldn't care less what driving instructors currently teach. The level of instruction required to pass a basic driving test is laughably low, is obviously getting worse every year and has nothing whatsoever to do with good driving practice. Let me give you another couple of examples - did your instructor teach you how to get off a level crossing if your engine fails? Or how to use a mini-roundabout properly, (so you're not one of those idiots who think they have priority turning right)? Thought not!

    2] Absolute utter rubbish. In the very unlikely event that you get hit sufficiently hard while parked in gear the engine compression will stop the car before it can do too much damage to anyone else - in the same way it will stop it rolling away should the handbrake "fail". If you have been taught otherwise your instructor needs to be re-educated. Apart from anything else, what do you think the chances are of your parked car being hit, compared with the chances of it rolling away downhill (having read all these stories of just that occurrance)?

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    Default hand brake failure

    Quote Originally Posted by sophos9 View Post
    What year Vectras are you discussing, the technical bulletins for Vx state a recall for 2003 handbrake problems
    2005 vectra rolled nov2008 just had recall day before yesturday

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    This has just happened to my wifes car. Only it has collided with 3 cars. Unreal that I have found all this info.

    Quote Originally Posted by mike t View Post
    On 15/01/2008, my wife who has 23 yrs driving experience with no accidents or claims parked our 2006 astra on a hill to visit a friend. she parked the car and applied the handbrake, (it was quite a steep hill and the car would have certainly rolled back if the handbrake was not applied properly). she proceded to knock on the front door of the person she was visiting and remembers looking at the stationery car while waiting at the door.
    she spent approx 20 mins on her visit and left the house to find to her horror the car had gone.
    The car had somehow rolled down the hill firstly hitting a parked car and then careering across to the other side of the road and crashing into a wall causing probably thousands of pounds worth of damage.
    There have been many reports of the vectra and signum having a handbrake fault but how many astras have the same fault ?.
    Vauhall motors needs to get a grip and recognise there is a fault before more innocent people are killed. It was only by luck that in my wifes case the road was clear and there were no pedestrians on the pavement at that time.
    please do contact me if anyone else has had similar.

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    Default Handbrakes

    Quote Originally Posted by craiggoff View Post
    This has just happened to my wifes car. Only it has collided with 3 cars. Unreal that I have found all this info.
    It's not Vauxhall who needs to get a grip, it's incompetant drivers! ANY car can run away - DO NOT TRUST A HANDBRAKE - leave the car in gear and this CANNOT happen!!!!!

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    Default Vectra handbrake

    Dear Sir, Madam, Wish I had seen this sooner.

    Got a 2007 Vectra end of March this year 2012. Due to illness I only drove it a handful of times on very short journeys when the handbrake failed and the car was not on an apparant slope. The car had rolled into another car where an older man and his dog were sitting in their car.

    Police were involved and noted that the handbrake was on. First time in 36 years of driving that I have claimed on my insurance.

    The Vauxhall Garage in Kirkcaldy where we bought the car had MOT'd the car in March, apparantly and it was not highlighted as a problem.

    Have lost 2 years of my NCD and will have to pay £300 excess, and a higher insurance premium next year.

    On top of that the Vauxhall garage is not taking any responsibility stating that we should have left the car in gear.

    We were not verbally told this on receipt of the car and at that time we were not given a handbook or MOT. I was too unwell to realise it at the time and it was only when we contacted them that we received the handbook, wrong one by the way and MOT 1 1/2 weeks later.

    The insurance company used a garage in Edinburgh for the repair and the mechanic informed me that the handbrake was 'weak' It took 7 clicks to get the handbrake to hold on a very slight slope as it still rolled away on 5 clicks.

    The mechanic contacted the Vauxhall garage for me and could not get anyone of importance/relevence to speak with. The receptionist said that they were not responsible and that it should have been in gear. She also stated that the handbrake had been checked and was fine. Obviously not true.

    After reading all about people with the same problem I am now wondering if my car had the spring modification done. If it did it is certainly not effective.

    I do not feel safe in this car. Immediately after the incident I took the car to the garage for a check and the handbrake seemed to apply itself when I was in the middle of a dual carriagway and the car seized to a stop with the handbrake warning light showing on the dashboard.

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