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Thread: Inside Rols Royce.

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    Default Inside Rols Royce.

    did anyone watch the recent documentary about Rolls Royce's latest models? Very attractive motors, but out of my league I'm afraid unless I scoop the Euro lottery! Were I in the position to buy one, and wished to do so, one practice would have annoyed me.
    They have a visitors' book AND a VIP book. The VIP book is for famous celebrities to sign, and "ordinary customers" are not allowed to even view it. With a starting price of £200,000 plus, I would have thought every purchaser was a VIP - think I would have said "keep your Rolls Royce, I'll buy a Bentley!"

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    I was working opposite the bodybuilders in Park Royal in 1979 when I saw three brand new Rolls Royce cars being delivered on an extended double decker Ford Transit. At the time, I think they were around the £79,000 price each. I remember thinking at the time that they probably represented enough hard cash for me to have retired.

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    I remember when in the late 60's a RR was just over £7000 new and I so wanted one. It is not impossible now as a good secondhand one will cost about £25000. The trouble is, where do I put the Bentley? (Sorry VW!!!)

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    On a recent episode of Top Gear, they were on about picking up some really good bargains on quality second hand cars, and one of them was an 18 year old R.R. which was bought for £6.000, and even with 110K on it, was running like new!

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