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Thread: Kia Picanto Automatic - Brake Failure

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    Unhappy Kia Picanto Automatic - Brake Failure

    Good morning,

    My wife has just been involved in what could have been a very nasty accident with her 2005 Kia Picanto Automatic.

    She was parked on a hill at her mother's house with the car in park and the handbrake on. When she opened the door to get in the car, the brakes failed and the car rolled backwards down the hill, dragging her with it. The car rolled across a main road and into a concrete wall. Fortunately there was no traffic on the main road or it would have been much worse. She has a lot of cuts and bruises on her legs and is very shaken, but fortunately nothing more serious.

    I am currently working abroad so cannot be there with her right now (feel pretty guilty), so am trying to find out if anyone has ever heard of this issue or know what could have causing it? Apparently the brakes are now holding again on the car, so very strange.

    Just looking for answers really as how can we trust the car in future if it can do this? Also, how can we sell it in future knowing that someone else may also be injured?

    Many thanks,


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    A quick search shows that these cars had problems with calipers last year. You may get a better response from

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