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Thread: Advice Needed on used Car

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    We went to pick up our new car on 3rd August.
    We noticed when driving at motorway speeds and applying the breaks there’s a vibration through the steering wheel. And a noise when using the clutch.

    We called the garage, they said its just one of those things, it sounds like the thrust bearing and wheel balancing and there’s nothing they can do about it.
    We took it to an independent garage, who agreed it was the thrust bearing but said he thought the problem was worn brake disks.
    We the took it to Kwik fit for a brake test who said the brakes are in fine and there opinion this problem with the vibration is not brakes or balancing.
    So we now have a car needing a new thrust bearing most garages say they only replace the whole clutch not just the bearing, and we have a vibration that we do not know what it is. The Garage we brought it from says its drivable so there’s not a problem, but the warranty company says you must not drive it when there is a problem this could void the warranty.

    I have read the laws, on 6 months if there’s a fault etc but do the problems we have with our car fall under these or would they be classed as wear and tear?

    The garage is awful there very rude, we brought an extended warranty, we were told had to be done, the day we picked up car, We paid they then said it couldn’t be done today but would be on Monday and we would receive confirmation on Tuesday.
    Nothing came, asked them Wednesday said it had been done and we would receive it next day, nothing came double checked with company warranty was with, They advised no warranty had been set up so they had to called garage Thursday and got them to set it up it was then emailed to us by warranty company.

    It was the wrong cover, and wrong Purchase date and Mot date. We called the garage Friday to tell them, they said they had amended the cover but not the purchase date and mot date didn’t need to be amended, we worried that this would void the warranty but they just kept repeating them self’s that it didn’t need to be changed, he then assured confirmation would arrive in the post on Saturday, nothing came, nor Monday contacted warranty company again who called the garage again only to find out they never amended any of it.
    We have only been in such a rush to get the correct warranty due there being problems with the car.
    We just cant understand it all they keep telling us to claim off the warranty but wont actually set it up correctly, so we have a car sat on our drive not knowing to drive it or not as it could void the warranty when correctly set up.

    Sorry for such a long post but I am really at a loss of what to do any suggestions would be most appreciated

    Thanks for your time all

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    Go straight to the trading standards dept of your local authority.

    Reject the car and ask for a full refund is my advice.

    Ask for a full refund on the warranty as well immediately
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    Contact there people, they will help you sort it all out, good luck.
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