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Thread: Buying Private: Receipt of transaction

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    When buying a car from a private seller, what (if any) official documents should be signed? Who keeps what?

    From some brief research online, I've seen that -
    * Section 6 of the V5C "new keeper or new address..." should be completed
    * Both buyer and seller must sign section 8 and send V5C to the DVLA.
    * The buyer retains the properly completed V5C/2 green section
    (This info from the VOSA website:

    Does this mean that the V5C sections (as above), serve as legally binding proof of sale, protecting both seller and buyer?

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    Get a receipt of the person your buying the vehicle from so be a hand written one with vehicle details and both persons involved in the sale ie, yourself and seller...also date of sale
    personally i would pay with bankers draft also so theres a trace of sale through bank with sellers name being on bank draft and receipt...

    good luck

    you wont have any probs if you do the above

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