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Thread: Focus 1.6 Zetec water pump

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    Default Focus 1.6 Zetec water pump

    The water pump on my wifes Ford Focus 1,6 Zetec (04 model) seems to have sprung a leak, probably from the shaft seal, although it's difficult to see to be sure.
    This doesn't appear to be a big job (unless someone with experience knows different ! ) and I'm quite confident about tackling it myself.
    The question, apart from any disassembly and reassembly tips anyone can give, is will I need to replace the whole water pump or can I buy a seal kit ?
    Also, I'm not sure that I can see how to take the tension off the belt (and therefore re - tension it ), but I have only had the chance to look at the thing in the half light. Any help much appreciated !

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    Default water pump

    Hi malcjohns
    You will have to purchase a water pump you may find that on this model it may be a stretch drive belt which as to be cut off and a new one fitted.
    Ford do have a technical phone line but it is a £1 a minute, they can supply you with the removal and fitting instructions.
    Ford 0906 5533 447 £1 a minute line
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    Many thanks - did the job today - TWICE, because I creased the flimsy paper gasket first time. No probs - the belt wasn't the stretch to fit type so that was ok, but the tension release bolt was seized making things 'interesting' !

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    lo m8,

    Are you still about?

    I think I got the same problem and just wanted some advice if possible.

    Cheers T4i

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    Hi mate, yep, still around but don't use the site much as cars are not really my thing. MUCH more into motorcycles ! That said tho I did manage to do this job on my wifes motor. The leak was at the shaft and I had to buy a new pump and fit it. Not too difficult a job, although the belt tension bolt was solid and a right pig to get to. Also, as I mentioned above, the replacement pump came with a pathetic paper gasket which cunningly wrinkled up out of my line of sight, causing a worse leak than before ! I had to redo the whole job and rescue the original metal one from the bin. I coated it in red hermetite and the problem was completely solved. If I can be any more help feel free to e-mail me on - this would be a more certain method of getting hold of me than posting a reply to this post. HTH. Malc Johnstone

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    Default Expensive quote for replacing water pump


    Hoping that someone may read this.

    Broke down today after re-filling coolant when car re-heated and mechanic who rescued us advised that the water pump is leaking and requires replacement.

    Our local garage have advised that to change the water pump also requires a new camber (?) kit and including both and 3.5 hours labour their total quote is £315.08.

    This sounds crazy for changing a water pump - can anyone shed any light and reckon that they may be taking the mickey?

    Am not technical so wouldn't attempt to do work myself, however if we go back to garage, or to others, I'd like to know exactly what work needs doing.



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    Despite what anyone else says, it is perfectly possible to replace the water pump without touching the timing belt. Done a few this way where the timing belt is not anywhere due replacement.
    DO NOT UNDO THE CRANKSHAFT PULLEY BOLT or the timing will move and then you will need to fit another belt.
    If you had any other car, the water pump is usually driven by the timing belt so you are very lucky.

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