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Thread: i hit an illegally parked car

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    Default i hit an illegally parked car

    hello, I just wondered who was at fault in a case like this. A car was illegally parked on double yellow lines and I reversed into it. I was parked in a diagnol space, a one way system road. Any ideas?

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    yeah, if you hit into any stationary object it is your fault even if it is blocking the road and you think you can get past and find out you cant it is still your fault

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    I also once hit an illegally parked car. Unfortunately it happened to be a boy racer with metallic paint and alloy wheels. He got his mummy on my case (I didn't even see him once). Being young I didn't claim because that would have led to a financially impossible situation when I got my insurance renewed. It cost me nearly £300 for a small scratch that if it had been my car I frankly wouldn't even have cared about.

    I sympathise with you - something ought to be done. In my situation, I was stuck inside a driveway with "NO PARKING" painted across the road in front of it. There was a space that, had I been an inch further away, I may have got through. Yes this was perhaps a misjudgement on my part, but this idiot should never have been parked there. And if I hadn't tried to get through, I could have been waiting there all day for him to come and collect his car to let me out.

    Is this really fair? Ask the accident repair company that. Those who park illegally are breaking the law = commiting a crime. Why are the companies so willingly letting the criminals win?

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