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Thread: 2002 Vauxhall Astra key problem

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    Default 2002 Vauxhall Astra key problem

    The other day one of the keys for our 02 Vauxhall Astra (1.6 16V model) came apart after it was dropped. I've replaced batteries for the remotes before so I had no problem refitting the key part back on to the fob but the car's been behaving strangely since.

    Using this key, sometimes the car won't start at all now or sometimes it does start only to cut out a few seconds later with the engine management warning light on (I think). Once I did get it to start properly and keep running but I haven't dared try driving it anywhere in case it cuts out later somewhere.

    With the spare key, none of the above problems are occurring. I drove 120 miles at the weekend with no problems whatever.

    Am assuming the electronics for the other key were a bit damaged when it was dropped but am not sure whether it can be fixed by reprogramming or do I need to buy a new key fob (which will also need to be programmed for the car)?

    Any ideas/advice anyone?

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    You are probably correct in assuming the small circuit board within the key, or the small chip, has been damaged and a replacement key fob and programming will be required.


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    I will bet you £1 the immobiliser chip has fallen out of the key when it came apart. Remove the remote part of your key and see if the chip is in the blade part of the key. It is about 1 cm long and 5mm wide and sits in the square slot. If your spare key is a remote type you can compare them. You need to go back to where you dropped it and look for it.

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