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  • order checking mirrors

    hi all , I am currently learning to drive and I have a couple of questions that I would be really really grateful if anyone (especially maybe other ADI's ) can clear up for me . firstly , my instructor has told me I need to check my side mirror and then my main mirror , say for example , left junction would be left mirror first and then interior mirror . I have found loads of driving websites and you tube videos that contradict this and say it should be interior mirror and then side mirror .
    my second query is regarding a turn in the road. on the reverse part , my instructor said I have to keep looking over my left shoulder for the whol eof the reverse , and rely on feeling the dip in the camber to know when to stop .she said that I cant look over my right shoulder and see the kerb that way , yet I am finding it impossible to not hit the kerb on this part due to not seeing hardly anything out o the back window . again I have watched loads of videos that contradict this . I am getting a bit worried that I am being taught wrongly (
    any help would be much appreciated xx

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    On the mirrors, the advice from the DVSA is very clear: "Normally you should always use the interior mirror first, followed by the exterior ones." If you want, you can refer your instructor to "Driving: The Essential Skills" page 66 (7th edition).

    As regards the TIR, your instructor's method is a new one on me. How would it work if the road had no camber? As you will be approaching the kerb at an angle and the RH rear corner will be the first to reach it, it makes sense to be looking there. There won't always be a kerb - sometimes you'll be reversing towards a wall or a hedge!

    I teach my pupils to look over their left shoulder until they get close to the kerb, then pause and change to the right shoulder; as you move your head, look all round for other road users.

    Good luck!


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      I learnt to drive in a British Leyland Mini, they were ideal for learning to drive in as the rear visibility was excellent. What car are you learning in?


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        Quote............"this part due to not seeing hardly anything out o the back"I found that by using the door mirror on the passenger side worked better for me.Mind you, when I did the actual IAM test, you had to keep both hands on the wheel, there turn your head round to reverse around the corner and up a hill, for quite a long distance?I had a sore neck for weeks after that, the worst part was, the examiner used to open his door and check that you were no more than 6" from the kerb? Good luck with it.


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          hi everyone. thank you so much for your replies. I am a bit concerned about the wrong methods , I think I will buy the DSA driving: the essential skills book and show him . I have found the oct 2010 version on amazon, is this the most recent version as it seems quite old , but I cant find a more current one. Im just wondering if he may argue the point by saying it is an out of date book . I am learning in a ford focus .