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  • Car accient and need expert suugesstion please

    Hi Guys,

    Last night when I was driving through a junction another car came and hit me on my driver door and rear right hand side passenger door. the other car was coming probably from the road that I was merging to. he meant to come and stop for his way to be clear for him to drive away. But I don't know what and how it happened..i have just heard a big bang and my car went for a spin and I had to brake to stop it. His MB E220 driver side head lamp went inside, airbag went off and car was unndriveable .but mine had door damaged and rear door can not be open. Well, I am panicking now, how can I prove that it was his fault. clearly I was driving as usual as it was Green light and he didn't stop and he did hit me.
    I explained everything to my insurance company and they will get in touch with other party's insurance...but the guy in incident didn't accept his fault..he said he will let his insurer know what exactly had happened and then insurance will decide.

    Now I am panicking what may happen and whose fault that would be or what could be the potential outcome as he is not accepting his liability, well if it was good person they would understood that it was their fault. this man is dwarf (3feet, feel sorry for him, but he was nearly getting me killed, thanks God).

    Other important bit is, my new cover which I bought a week ago will be starting today from 13:43. do I need to notify them straightaway now..or I can cancel that policy as I am not driving now..OR WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION.

    PLEASE, I will appreciate your advice and your experience in such kind of accident. thank you.

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    First let me make it clear that I aam not an expert.

    What's the worst that can happen? If it was decided that the fault was entirely yours, you will have to pay your excess towards the cost of your repairs and your future premiums will probably go up - that's it.

    You are not entirely clear, but I assume that you are claiming from the old policy. It would do no harm to let your new insurer know, but I don't think it will make any difference this year.

    Insurance companies deal with this all the time - both drivers convinced that the other is to blame, and they have to make a judgement. If you can find any witnesses or CCTV to back you up, that would be a huge advantage.


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      To add to Santa’s post the other person was likely just following what their insurance tells them to do, which is to not accept fault at the scene of the accident and let the insurers work it out


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        Third party accepted the fault, so their insurance company is taking my car away to fix it.


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          Result...! Thank's for letting us know.


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            On the 14 may 2019 driver 1 reversed out of the drive still on drivers 1 side of the road driver 2 reversed out of her drive hit me from behind my drivers back end damaged her drivers back end damage who's at fault got dash cam footage but only front forward facing


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              My guess would be 50/50.


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                Ok thanks