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    Hi Smurfy,
    Appreciate your input, yes I tried fully charging and putting a booster pack on the battery too. I had a good 12.8v on cranking.
    Its looking like ECU problem


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      Im still overseas, however just to provide some updates.......I remived the ECU and got my daughter to send it away to a known testing place and they have given it a clean bill of health! damn!

      So, next plan is to get the crank position sensor changed over while im away......then if that still doesn't work, I am planning to remove the BSi and send that away for testing and possibly wiping clean, then I am forced to getting Peugeot involved to reprogram the key, ecu and BSi I believe.....

      Bloody Pug


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        Lol, don't you love French cars. There are many mobile auto electricians who can reprogram for you so if the car is stuck at home......


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          Mobile elec

          Well thats a good rather not submit to the main dealer just cos Im being stubborn!

          Today my daughters boyfriend re-fitted the ECU and changed the crank sensor but still it refuses to start!

          When im home, i'll go over the obvious wiring in the engine bay again, earth strap seemed in great shape to the gearbox etc.

          The BSi seems another total black box that I have no experience with, so I am trying to get the help of an online place but one has a full inbox and the other wont respond via email.

          I did start to look at Ebay for ECU/BSi/Key/ignition barrel kit.....but even that seems fraught with mishap and the need for can they make this so damn difficult!

          Bring back the starting handle I say!!!


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            Update ......

            Okay after much trying and failing to get someone in Aberdeen to support a home visit and dignose my daughters car, and some helpful advice from Hometune......i've gone ahead and bought the PP2000 software and laptop, loaded and ready to save the world!

            Im home on Thursday and I hope (Gods of Peugeot willing) I will have it sorted soon after!!!


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              Finally my parcel arrived with a laptop, Diagbox and all the cables!

              Initially tried pp2000 route but it asked for a DAM number which i didnt know.......

              So, i tried the Diagbox option, it didnt give me many menus except 1 ECU (10) which i think is engine......1 fault code P0122 throttle position sensor.......

              I later got some info on the DAM number so did a global scan on PP.... faults present on other ecu,s but thats maybe part of the throttle circuit issue?

              I will explore further to understand if there is a wiring problem or its as simple as a new throttle body?


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                The DAM number is the build number usually on one of the suspension turrets under the bonnet or on the sticker on the post by the front driver's door. Make a note of all the faults in each ECU then erase the lot. Start the car or try to and see what comes back. You can see if the throttle body is working by looking at the live data. As you open the throttle the two voltage readings will mirror each other i.e. as one goes up from around 0.1v the other will come down from 5v. So slowly open the throttle and ensure you glitches. You should also watch the accelerator pedal at the same time in case the problem is there.
                If you come across any canbus faults don't replace a part simply on those codes, you must test them.
                Last edited by Hometune; 21-07-19, 12:42.


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                  Excellent thanks

                  So the plot thickens.....well, hopefully i can work through those screens tomorrow.....thanks for the advice again Hometune


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                    Morning guys

                    Ok, gathered all the faults, cleared them one by one and re did the global scan.

                    Only a fault remains on the Engine ECU but no start still

                    Fault is - Permanent Fault. Binding of the engine fuse bix power relay?

                    Hope that makes sense


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                      That sounds like the fuse box is faulty. This is a 407 but same idea:


                      In the post the OP says he powered a fuse and the car started thereby proving where the fault was. Worth a go.


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                        Ive bought a used item on Ebay...£20 is worth a try. Im not sure how to give that relay or feed 12v especially as im working alone and cant fix a 12v easily while i crank it over


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                          Feedback time

                          Ok time

                          I bought a used fuse box, that arrived today! Fitted it and gave it a go.......nothing changed, no start!

                          So I went back to PP2000 and did a new global scan, checked and cleared all the faults, still nothing and still the same bl00dy engine binding fault fuse box error code......

                          So.....i was about to give up to be honest........then for the first time i sprayed some carb cleaner in the intake and it fired up! It had to be fuel related right?

                          So i checked the fuel pump feed again, was getting 11v on cranking (plug removed) but i never heard the pump kicking in on cranking? this is me owning up to maybe a school boy error....i squeezed the crimps in that terminal tighter together as i have been pushing my multi meter prob in there.......guess what, it fired up next time.......i think i may have been at least half the problem in this but better i own up as it a mistake other amateurs like me could make when testing connections

                          Im going to drive it for a while before handing back to my daughter, but i think ive solved everything now with a lot of help on here........




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                            Excellent, its always the silly little things that are hardest to troubleshoot. We all live and learn. 😉


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                              Thanks Hometune, its still been a good learning experience about the trouble shooting experience, I appreciate the help