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Thread: Can you drive from uk to china

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    Default UK to China/Vietnam

    Hi Simon. This sounds great! I am also planning this exact trip next year. France ( Calais) across Russia down to Vietnam. But, insanely, by bike. Just started researching it. It would be fantastic if we could keep in touch.



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    I've got a friend that recently got back from doing this journey but on a bike. He said it was an incredible experience and that he couldn't recommend it too highly. In short, yes it is entirely possible. He did recommend that you should always carry the equivalent of a few hundred quid of the currency of the next country you're travelling to as border control can be unnecessarily difficult. He was told this by someone that he met along the way that was making a similar trip. Can't remember whether he ended up having to grease any palms but I guess it's worth thinking about. Good luck and enjoy!

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