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Thread: Garage cover/change of vehicle

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    Hi I took my full RAC Breakdown out with a very helpful guy at my local Tesco's. He informed me about the new garage cover that The Rac was doing in competition with the AA one that I had. I informed him that I was due to renew my existing AA one, but was also due to change my car in a few weeks. He said that would be just a simple change of vehicle for the Garage Cover. So I took out the policy later over the phone.
    A week or two later I tried to change one of my vehicles on my policy to my new car and was told that it wasn't possible to change cars on the policy mid term and that I had to wait a year, before I could change to my new car. Needless to say I was pretty peeved off and told the customer services guy that he didn't know what he was talking about. He wouldn't let me speak to his manager, but insisted that he himself had conferred with the said manager and he was right. I was stuck with my old car on the Garage cover for nearly a FULL year. But I escalated the call to complaints and someone would ring me back within the week. (No One Did) so I rang back two weeks later and explained all again. I was told that I could change my car over on the cover and they would backdate the two week waiting period to when I first rang. Sorted. This was in June.
    NOooooo not so easy. My drivers window fell down with broken mechanism and the RAC rep came out and stuck it back up with Masking Tape. It has been like that, (unsecured since) as the RAC now tell me that although the customer services department had changed the car details on their system. The guys in the warranty department downstairs in the same building hadn't. SO therefore my new car was not covered for Garage Repair. I am STILL waiting for someone that knows their bums from their thumbs to ring me back from the RAC.
    Can any body shine a light on this strange product the RAC offer, but no one knows about, but the sales reps??

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    Come back British Leyland, all is forgiven.

    I never had any trouble with my Austin Maestro.

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    It looks like the person who signed you up the RAC was just telling you everything you wanted to hear, to get you to move over from the AA.Did you have better cover before you changed over?

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