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Thread: speeding fines from spain, what should I do?

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    Default speeding fines from spain, what should I do?

    Me and my family were recently in spain in june this year. We hired a car for the duration of our holiday, and we do own a house in spain.

    Today we have received a speeding fine from spain.
    on the envelope it says in english that a signature is required but written in spanish is the title from the "ministerio del interior" with the spain crown logo and under it it has a department logo D.G.T direccion general de trafico.

    now on one side of the letter it has the spanish crown logo it has a barcode date and time of the offence etc, I understand bacis conversational spanish and it reads like an official fine, my only problem is that on the other side it has a black and white n.i.p written in spanish and it has been scaled down. The car is listed as a turismo car under type and the only place where our uk address was given was to the hire car company.

    What I am unsure about is what form do the scam letters take, and also I am wary of the fact that as we own property in spain, Ive read that the police can impose fines onto our rates etc.

    What is best plan of action to take?

    any help would be fantastic.

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    Default Fines

    Contact the Spanish embassy in the UK. Send copies of the envelope and contents and ask them is it genuine. If they say it is, pay up. If you go back to Spain and you haven't sorted it you could possibly be arrested.Spanish law is not the same as here as you will be aware. Thats my advice but act quickly.

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    Reflecting on this, it is more than likely genuine if the only person knowing your address was the hire company, unless they are conmen! theres no harm trying the first suggestion of mine, it's up to you.

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    I always thought that cross-border speeding fines were pursued through the authorities of the country where the driver/vehicle is normally domiciled.

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    Default Paying speeding fines in Spain 2014

    Payment of Spanish speeding Fines as of 24 April 2014
    English and Spanish versions given if using Chrome Browser with Translation itís a bit simpler.
    Log on to
    At the Bottom of the opening page
    First Column under Subject (Por Materias )
    Last Line Procedures and Penalties (Tramites y Multas) open,
    First Line Any Penalty ( Alguna Multa?) DO NOT Select Payment of FEES (Pago electronico de Tases)
    Click to open then first line Payment of Fines ( Pago de Multas)
    At the bottom Access to pay fines (Acceso a Pago de Multas )
    Choose second option Penalty Payment without digital Certificate (Pago de Multas sin Certificado Digital)

    Complete the form
    Document type Change to Passport
    Document Number Passport Number
    Name /Corporate Name Your full Name
    Date of Report DD/MM/YY Date of offence on ticket
    Record Number Top right of ticket insert the numbers only leaving out dashes stops and spaces should be 12 numbers
    Total Amount not including reductions Enter the full amount, numbers only no Ä symbol in my case 100.00 When I came to pay mine appeared as Ä50.00 in spite of it being more than 1 month old.
    Continue to pay with debit or credit card and chose receipt please

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    Useful info - thanks - but a bit late for the OP

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