I am likely to go to South Africa for six months followed by two years in Zambia. Given the cost of cars in SA and Zambia, it is going to be cheaper by far to ship my car from the UK to SA then drive to Zambia after the six months.

Is it possible to do this on Carnets? I understand that a carnet lasts a year, but I am not clear if this means that each page of the carnet lasts a year from the first stamp on entry into the country (i.e. you have a year in the country), or whether the carnet book itself lasts a year with up to 25 in/out stamps in that year.

I'm guessing the carnet book lasts a year, so my idea would be to take out a Carnet and import the car to SA, stamp out of SA after six months, into Zambia via Botswana, then after six months in Zambia renew the carnet to give a further year in Zambia. At the end of this year, renew the carnet again to give me my final six months and the drive home to the UK.

If I do this and, say, the car gets written off in Zambia so I can't get it home, what happens?

The other option I am looking at is to take the car from the UK and officially import it into Zambia, paying the customs cost of this. The problem with this is the six months in SA to start with. Does anyone know if, doing this, I could do the six months in SA on a Temporary Import Permit instead?