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Thread: Tyre Life and what tyres do you reccomend, please?

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    Question Tyre Life and what tyres do you reccomend, please?

    I have a Vauxhall Corsa 2008 model year. Low mileage, its got about 25,000 miles on the clock. It still has 2 Continental tyres, which I assume are the original tyres from new.

    Frankly I do not like the look of the tread pattern. It hasnt got enough sipes in it for my taste. But, they must be reasonably good tyres as they have lasted so well.

    What do other drivers reccomend on replacement tyres, please?

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    The well known brands have similar wear rates. I find Michelin Eco tyres (fuel saving) very good and have a long life. Tyre life is more to do with how you drive and running at correct pressure (check weekly) rather than brand. Low cost budget tyres in my experience wear quickly.
    I find on front wheel drive vehicles changing front tyres side to side at about 10,000 miles or service interval extends their life. When fitting new tyres, move the rear tyres to the front and put the new on the back. The logic being, mild understear is usually not noticed, the rear tyres never get too old (in years), and only two tyres are purchased at any time.
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    if you copy and paste this "Vicki Butler Henderson explains why new tyres should go on the rear" onto youtube, you can watch a very interesting video you could do the same with this too
    "Tyre Safety: Premium v. Budget Tyres Wet Braking Test - Continental Car Tyres" dont forget to remove the " " when you paste
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    I think alot of tyre selection is down to personal preference. I have Michelin's on my car and Continental's on my van. Rolebama is using Uniroyal rain experts and I think his pretty happy with them too.

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    I have been driving on Michelin Energy tyres for over seven years now, and I have no reason to wish to change them. If I did, it would be Continental, which is what I used before switching to Michelin; In my opinion Continental are good tyres; the only reason for switching was that Michelin Energy came as OE on my previous vehicle and I have stayed with them since.

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