The owners of the Concordia cruise ship have offered all passengers 9,000 each compensation and a full refund of the costs for the cruise. For those who escaped death or injury, this seems a fair settlement to me. Were I one of the passengers, I would have been thankful for being spared, take the offer, and get on with my life. Obviously, for the significantly injured and relatives of the dead, it is a different matter.
But not good enough for the Codacons consumer group and two US law firms, who are filing law suits for 105,000 per passenger. They claim that 'you cannot put a price on trauma'.
Exactly, but you can use it as a tool for greed.
Don't they realise (or perhaps don't care) that such a sum for all the passengers could greatly reduce the amount that finally reaches those, and their families, who have really suffered?

I have again received a phone call, this time from Legal Assist, regarding the hit-and-run by a stolen car in April 2009.
I was polite, got the caller talking, and managed to obtain his manager's email address. This I am now going to pursue with the aim of stopping calls, hopefully, once and for all.

I haven't included the email here, but I will add it if anyone else feels it may be useful; and subject to the moderators approving it.
Regards, Snowball.