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With more than eight million members the RAC is one of the UK's most progressive motoring organisations, providing services for both private and Business drivers.

In its role as the motorist's champion the RAC campaigns to support the interests of its members and UK motorists at a national level, including advancing levels of road safety, supporting the needs of young drivers and voicing concerns about the increasing cost of motoring.

The RAC is committed to making motoring easier, safer, more affordable and more enjoyable for drivers and other road users. Many of the organisation's products and services aim to do just that: the RAC Cars website allows anyone to sell their car free of charge, the RAC Vehicle Check gives would-be buyers valuable insight into a vehicle's past and RAC telematics helps make insuring a car more affordable for young drivers.

As the UK's oldest motoring organisation the RAC continues to be at the forefront of innovation, driven by its vision to be the motorist's champion and the one-stop-shop for all motoring needs.

Advisory Panel

This report was guided by the expert contributions of the RAC Report on Motoring Advisory Panel.

Chaired by David Bizley,
Chief Engineer, RAC

David Davies, Executive Director,
Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety

Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive,
Campaign for Better Transport

Sarah Sillars, Chief Executive,
IAM RoadSmart

David Leibling,
Transport and Motoring Consultant

Graeme Paton, Transport Correspondent,
The Times

Theo de Pencier, Non-executive Board Member,
Transport Focus

Daryl Lloyd, Head of Road Safety Statistics,
Department for Transport

Steve Gooding, Director,
RAC Foundation

Mike Hawes, Chief Executive,
Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

RAC Press Team
Tel: 01454 664 123
Email: press.enquiries@rac.co.uk


Report author: Chris Torney
Design & illustration: milestonecreative.co.uk
Printing: The APS Group


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