Report on Motoring 2016

Road safety

2.0 Road safety

The dangers posed by the illegal and irresponsible behaviour of other drivers have become one of UK motorists’ most pressing concerns, according to the 2016 Report on Motoring. In particular, the use of handheld mobile phones, whether for calls, text messages or internet access, is now viewed as a significant threat to road safety.

In more general terms, there is now a higher level of concern about traffic law-breaking, such as speeding or jumping red lights. The RAC’s research suggests this could be, at least in part, due to a decline in the numbers of roads policing officers in recent years, with more motorists taking the view that they are increasingly likely to ‘get away with it’.

Concern about other people driving under the influence of alcohol has fallen to some degree, even though the proportion of motorists who admit to drink-driving appears to have increased over the past 12 months. And while there has been no significant rise in drivers’ tendency to break 30mph and 70mph speed limits since the 2015 Report was published, there is a clear long-term trend towards increased levels of speeding both on 50mph/60mph country roads and in urban 20mph zones.