Report on Motoring 2016

What's on motorists' minds?

1.0 What's on motorists' minds?

Since the election of the Conservative Government in May 2015, the UK economy has continued to grow at a steady pace while unemployment has fallen and wages risen. However, it remains to be seen what medium and long-term impact the June 2016 decision to leave the European Union will have on the nation’s prosperity.

With affluence increasing and lower forecourt prices, it comes as little surprise that the cost of fuel has again gone down the ranking of motorists’ concerns since last year’s Report on Motoring was published.

But in other areas, worries are on the rise. A far greater proportion of drivers are critical of the condition of the roads near where they live, while there has also been a sharp increase in the number of people who are concerned about the irresponsible and potentially highly dangerous behaviour of other motorists, in particular those who use handheld mobile phones while at the wheel.

Perceived increases in congestion and difficulties in parking have also become more significant concerns, as has the cost of motor insurance. At the same time, there has been a surprisingly sharp decline in concern about drink-driving. And while environmental issues such as the diesel emissions scandal have been prominent in news reports in recent months, these barely register as a major concern among UK motorists.

Number one concerns for motorists

8% of drivers say the cost of insurance is their biggest concern
7% worry about people driving cars without tax or insurance
13% of drivers are most concerned about drivers using a handheld mobile to talk, text or access the internet whilst driving
14% of motorists are most concerned about the condition of local roads
7% worry about traffic congestion/slower journey time
5% worry about other motorists driving under the influence of alcohol