Logging in to My RAC

Go to rac.co.uk/myrac and click on ‘Breakdown and Membership’ and then ‘Register’.

To register your account, you’ll need:

  • The email address registered to your membership
  • Your membership number, which you can find on  your card or on the right-hand side of your membership document
  • Your name and postcode, as it appears on your membership documents
Q. Where can I find my membership number?

Your membership number is at the bottom of your RAC membership card (see example below). You can also find it on the right-hand side of your membership documents

The membership number is the long number below your name and above the date your membership started.

Q. I can't log into MyRAC ā€“ what should I do?
If you already have a MyRAC account and you can’t log in, please check you’ve entered the correct username and password.

  • Your username is the email address registered to your membership
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, please click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link on the log in page and follow the instructions to reset your password
  • If you’re having any other problems logging in, click the ‘Chat now’ button on the left of the page or give us a call on 03301 591 466 and we’ll be happy to help
Q. Iā€™m a European Breakdown member ā€“ can I create a MyRAC account?
MyRAC is currently only available to UK breakdown members.
If you have questions about your European Breakdown membership, please call us on 03301 591 466 and we’ll be happy to help.

Q. I have Business Breakdown Cover ā€“ where can I see my account details?
You can see all the details of your Business Breakdown Cover in RAC Business Club.