Most popular questions

Go to and click on ‘Breakdown and Membership’ and then ‘Register’.

To register your account, you’ll need:

  • The email address registered to your membership
  • Your membership number, which you can find on  your card or on the right-hand side of your membership documents
  • Your name and postcode, as it appears on your membership documents
Q. How do I change my personal details?
If you’ve moved house or need to update your contact numbers, follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to My RAC  ‘About my membership
2. Click on 'Personal details’ - this can be found in the left hand menu
3. Click ‘Change address’ or ‘Change Phone number(s)’ – and follow the steps provided
Q. Where can I view my membership details
When you log in to MyRAC you’ll see an overview of your cover.
To see the people/vehicle covered by your membership, click on ‘Personal details’ on the left of the page.
To see the full details of your membership and your membership documents, click on ‘Membership documents’ on the left of the page. You can download, print and save all the documents, too.