RAC FAQs on what Brexit means for UK travel insurance

On the 23rd June 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU).  There is a lot of uncertainty and questions at present as to how this will affect individuals, but for now, there will be no immediate impact until the UK exits the EU. As a result there may be queries with regard to RAC Travel Insurance cover which are covered in the below FAQs.

Now we have left the European Union, how does it affect my travel insurance policy?

There is no impact to your travel insurance policy. Although the UK has voted to leave the EU, for now nothing changes as it will take time to exit. Therefore for the immediate future whilst the UK remains part of the EU, there will be no impact on your travel insurance cover.

Can I still use my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in the EU?

Yes, the European Health Insurance Card entitles travellers to state-provided emergency treatment within the EU country they are visiting. It will take time to leave the EU, so currently there are no changes regarding the EHIC and it is still valid in EU countries.

Can I still go through the EU queue at airport?

Yes, for now everything remains the same at UK and European airports. UK travellers are able to move between European countries and vice versa and are able to use the EU queue.

Will I need a new passport if I am travelling this summer?

As the UK still remains a member of the EU currently, passports will be valid if travelling this summer. They will be valid until the UK negotiates the exit deal, but there is no need to worry if travelling this summer.

What about my EU driving licence?

The information on your driving licence is the same as those used by drivers everywhere in the EU. Like with passports, the licence will remain valid as the UK is still currently part of the EU, so there will be no impact on your UK driving licence.

Will I need a visa to travel the EU?

No, as the UK remains part of the EU you are still able to travel freely in the EU.

As and when the UK does leave the EU, RAC Travel Insurance will ensure that customers are up to date with all changes.