Advanced driving courses for cheaper car insurance

When it comes to calculating the cost of a car insurance policy, a number of factors and variables are taken into account. Just one of these is the level of motoring experience of the driver being insured. 

Individual circumstances change from person to person, but often, the more experienced a driver is, the better the chances of getting a cheaper car insurance policy. Of course, if you’re not an experienced driver, and don’t have years of incident-free driving and that all-important No Claims Discount (NCD) to point to, how can you prove your competence as a driver? Would taking an advanced driving course help to make a positive difference to the price of your car insurance?

What is advanced driving?

Advanced driving teaches drivers greater control of their vehicle, helping them to improve a range of motoring skills - including road positioning and handling. The aim is to develop drivers who are more considerate when out on the road, more confident and competent behind the wheel, and generally more observant. Above all else, the intention is for drivers who take an advanced driving course to become safer motorists.

An advanced driving course should also help to prepare you for dealing with difficult conditions, particularly in winter, when roads may be affected by snow, ice and sleet. You may be better prepared to cope with driving on skiddy conditions.

Can an advanced driving course help to reduce my car insurance cost?

Taking an advanced driving course may not, in, itself, result in a reduction in the cost of your car insurance policy. If you’re taking a course solely with the intention of getting a discount on your car insurance, you may be disappointed. It’s advisable to have a conversation with your car insurance provider before booking - advanced driving courses come at a cost, obviously - to get their opinion. And every car insurance provider may have a different view.

What you might experience is more of a longer term effect, in positive way. Logically, by improving your motoring skills, ability, and overall awareness, you should be a safer driver - which could result in you being able to build up a record of no claims. If you do this consistently, it’s reasonable to assume that you’ll see a reduction on the price of your car insurance at renewal time. After all, becoming a safer and more complete driver is always a good thing. That should really be the main aim of taking any advanced driver course.

Where can I take an advancing driving course?

If you’re interested in taking an advanced driving course to improve your skills and confidence, there are a number of generally recommended providers. Some of those worth looking into include:

IAM RoadSmart

RoSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Pass Plus Scheme

Costs, and duration, of each course will vary.

Other ways of lowering car insurance

If you’re keen to find ways of lowering the price of your car insurance - and who isn’t? - then are other methods you can use. If you’re a young and relatively inexperienced driver who considers yourself a responsible motorist, there is another way your considerate style of driving might be rewarded.

You can sign up for black box car insurance, which monitors driver behaviour and reports on how you accelerate, brake and negotiate sharp bends. The data is regularly analysed, scores are produced, and if your scores are positive, you may see a discount on the price of your car insurance at renewal time. You can read more about black box car insurance here.

Other ways of potentially reducing the cost of your car insurance include lowering your mileage - if you drive significantly fewer miles in a year this could make a positive difference - improving the security of your car, and, if you’re yet to buy a car and are still at the quote stage, choosing one from a lower insurance group. There are more car insurance money saving tips here.

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