What is Black Box Insurance

Black Box Insurance can help young drivers, inexperienced drivers and drivers who have recently passed their driving test to lower their insurance premiums. With one little black box, drivers, who would normally be penalised by default, now have the opportunity to prove how they drive and get the insurance they need that is both fair and affordable for them.

Here at the RAC we understand the difficulties young and inexperienced drivers face when trying to get insured for the first time. As a result we have developed RAC Black Box Car Insurance to help create a policy which takes into account your personal driving style, not just historical statistics. Once our little black box is installed we will monitor your driving behaviour, and base your renewal price on that behaviour which could help lower your cost of motoring. We don’t charge for the box or the installation, all you pay is the price you're quoted.

What's in the little black box?
  • GPS chip which tells us when and where the car is driven
  • G-force sensor which monitors how the car is driven
  • SIM card which is used to send the data back to us
  • Back up battery, in case the box is tampered with or your vehicle loses power

There are no additional costs for your RAC Black Box and the fitting is included in the price of your insurance.

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RAC Black Box Car Insurance

The elation of passing your driving test can soon evaporate when faced with the jaw-dropping premiums on offer to new drivers. These premiums are based on generic driver profiles and historical statistics, resulting in young drivers and recently qualified drivers being put into the high-risk groups. If you find yourself in one of these groups, there are very few ways to avoid paying those higher costs, however RAC Black Box Car Insurance can help to reduce the cost of insurance and motoring.

Once one of our approved fitters has installed the little black box into your vehicle, data is collected on your driving behaviour. This data includes speed, acceleration and braking. After the data is collected it is sent securely to us via a wireless network where we start to build up your driver profile. Seven days after we have installed the box and once you have driven your first 200 miles, we will determine how safe a driver you are. We will then give you a score out of 100. We call this your Driver Score - the higher your Score, the better driver you are and the lower your Black Box Insurance premiums could be when you come to renew your policy.

This Score doesn’t just help us determine your renewal premium, it could also help you to become a better driver and lower your premium even further when you renew. You can access your score online via your online Portal, where you can see which areas of your driving behaviour need improving, and act accordingly to make these necessary changes.

Here at the RAC we want you to have the insurance you need to ensure you are properly covered when out on the road. Browse our Car Insurance packages to get the cover you need today.