RAC Black Box Insurance FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about RAC Black Box Insurance. If your question is not listed here, please contact our Customer Services team on 0330 159 1042 for assistance.
Telematics is an advanced driving technology that monitors the way you drive. It tracks things like braking and acceleration and calculates how safe a driver you are by giving you a Driver Score. The higher your Score, the better your driving and the lower your Insurance renewal premiums could be.
Q. Is there an RAC Black Box app?
Yes, if you have a mobile device that runs iOS or Windows, you can now download our RAC Black Box driver app. This is a quick and easy way for you to monitor your driving score, check your car’s health and current location, view journey details and set date reminders for your next car tax, MOT and service.

The app uses the same login details as the portal and is only available to RAC Black Box Car Insurance customers.
Download iOS app
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Q. How do I get access to my Driver Score?
You can review your Driver Score and how to save money on your fuel bills online via your personalised Black Box Insurance Portal, or if you have a mobile device you can download our free Black Box driver app (available on iOS, Android and Windows devices).
Q. Do I have to pay extra for the box or for fitting?
No. Box and fitting costs are covered by us, so there are no hidden extras for taking out a policy like some alternative providers.
Q. Are there any curfews?
No. You are able to drive where and when you like.
Q. Are there any restrictions on how many miles I can drive?

No. We don’t impose a restriction on your annual mileage – you choose this when you get a quote for our cover. Before you get a quote, it’s worth thinking about how far you regularly travel (i.e. to college, university, or a place of work) and how many miles you may travel outside of this (i.e. holiday, days out, etc).

As with traditional car insurance, the higher the mileage you do, the higher the risk you are on the road, and the higher the premium you’ll pay for your policy. However, we will not charge you on a per mile basis, like some alternative young driver insurers.

We may contact you to discuss your declared mileage if you exceed it, so it’s worth making sure the mileage you give is a realistic estimate when you get a quote. If you exceed your estimate, this could result in an increase in your premium or potential cancellation of your policy.

Q. Will you tell the police if I speed?
It is not general practice to share telematics data with the authorities. We will only disclose information collected by the RAC Black Box to any third party if we are required to do so by law.
Q. What happens if my car is stolen?
If your car is stolen, always report this to the police in the first instance. If we are able, we will assist in providing you with the last known location of the RAC Black Box.
Q. Will other drivers of my car affect my Score?
Yes. The Driver Score is calculated on the journeys your car makes regardless of who is driving. You will need to let any additional driver know that their driving behaviour will also be monitored and will contribute to your overall Score.