Advice For Parents

It can be scary seeing your son or daughter venture out behind the wheel for the first time, so you want to know they're in safe hands. With RAC Black Box Insurance, we’ve created an insurance product tailored for you and your children. We know that better drivers are less likely to have an accident, so Black Box Insurance encourages safer driving and looks to reward good drivers with lower insurance premiums at renewal.*

We use advanced telematics technology to help our policyholders stay safe on the roads, providing information and tips to help improve driving performance and help reduce insurance premiums. Make the right choice for your family and buy RAC Black Box Insurance. Or call us on 0330 159 1042.

Why choose Black Box Insurance?

  • New and young drivers could get cheaper car insurance when insuring with us. We reward careful drivers with lower car insurance premiums. So, the safer they drive, the cheaper the insurance premium* could be at renewal.
  • RAC Black Box Insurance is simple and straightforward to use. The policyholder can insure their car online or over the phone and the RAC Telematics Box takes less than an hour to fit at a time and location convenient to them.
  • The policyholder can keep track of their driving performance at the online RAC Black Box Insurance Portal, where we provide an easy-to-understand Driver Score, and offer hints and tips on how to improve their Driver Score through safer driving.
  • The telematics box we fit to the vehicle is out of sight, so don’t worry about it being visible or getting in the way.
  • We keep our policyholders informed about their driving. We let them know when improvements need to be made.
  • We’re only a phone call away if the policyholder needs to talk to us about their RAC Black Box Insurance policy. Our Customer Services team is available 8am – 10pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm Saturday and 10am – 4pm Sunday. Call 0330 1591 048.

So why wait? Get an RAC Black Box Telematics Insurance quote today.

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