Case Studies

A safer driving style

Sam is a 23-year-old who passed his test at 17. Living in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, Sam makes a 500-mile round trip once a week in his 1 Series BMW to his place of work at his place of work in Oxfordshire. 

He was initially concerned about taking out a black box insurance policy having read several negative comments in online forums about premiums with some insurers going up and down every month, but after being caught speeding and getting three points on his driving licence he realised it was the best way to avoid a very expensive premium. 

After getting caught, his insurance went up to £2,500, but fortunately RAC Black Box Car Insurance reduced his premium to £1,100 which made it a very easy decision. 

In the first three months after first having his black box installed Sam would check the RAC Black Box Car Insurance app after every journey. But after establishing a good Driver Score he found himself checking it less often as his score is always in the high 80s or low 90s.

Sam said:

The RAC Black Box has definitely helped to improve my speed limit compliance, and my braking and acceleration. I am far more conscious of speeding generally because of it and I feel far less likely to be caught speeding again. Before having the box fitted I felt there was some stigma to having one but I don’t feel that way anymore and I really quite like having it now. I think it has helped me become a better, safer driver.

As Sam works so far away from home he has also found it very beneficial that RAC Black Box Car Insurance does not have a curfew on driving at night and allows customers to set their own mileage limits.

Sam, aged 23, Bishop Auckland

Money saved on insurance

Edward, an accountant from the East Midlands who has been driving for 29 years, does not fit the normal profile of a driver with a black box car insurance policy.

But Edward, who owns VW Golf which he drives about 18,000 miles a year in, decided to opt for RAC Black Box Car Insurance when it came back as the cheapest quote on a price comparison website.

He looks at the Driver Score very regularly and at one point managed to record a score of 99%. He says his score very rarely drops below 90%. He believes it helps him stick to the speed limit and keeps him focused on braking and acceleration by checking his driving performance via the RAC Black Box Car Insurance portal.

Edward said:

I had previously thought about a taking out a black box policy but I didn’t ever pursue it until RAC Black Box Car Insurance came out top in a price comparison search. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to other people as it definitely helps you focus on your driving. I think it is a very good policy for new drivers as it helps to keep their premiums down as well as keeping them safe on the road after passing their tests.

He also finds the RAC Black Box Car Insurance portal very useful for planning journeys that he’s made before as he uses the information to look up previous journey times.

Edward, Nottinghamshire

Long-lasting results

Chelsea is a 21-year-old from Carlisle in Cumbria who passed her driving test when she was 18. She chose RAC Black Box Car Insurance as a way to lower her premium and it is her second telematics policy.

She looks at her Driver Score regularly to make sure it is always above 75. As a result she believes having an RAC Black Box Car Insurance policy has helped to make her a far better driver due to the fact she never drives too fast and therefore does not break the speed limit.

She also thinks it will have a lasting effect on her driving, even if she no longer opts for a black box policy in the future.

Chelsea particularly likes the fact she can use the RAC Black Box Car Insurance portal to track her journeys which enables her to see how long she has driven for. 

Another benefit of the policy is the fact, unlike some other black box insurance, it does not operate with a curfew which for Chelsea is far more convenient as she does security shift work which means she sometimes has to drive at night when a curfew would be in place.

Chelsea, aged 21, Carlisle