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Thread: Ford Galaxy Central Locking continuose..

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    Default Ford Galaxy Central Locking continuose..

    Hello, can you possibly help.

    I have a 99 Ford Galaxy. There was an issue with the water drain under the wind screen resulting in the front passenger foot well flooding over the weekend during all the "Whether" we had.. I was away at the time but a family member had to come and disconnect the battery as the cetral locking was just continuously locking and unlocking.

    I have today dismantled the water scuttle under the windscreen and cleared the drain holes of leaves, and this is now draining properly. I have dried the water in the foot well and the car is sitting under a canopy with a eater running within to get to properly dry. Only real problem is the central locking still, when the battery is connected continuously locks and unlocks. it will continue to do this until the battery discharges..

    I have pulled every fuse i can find with the hope of being able to deactivate the central locking system, but with no success. There is a white box in the compartment in the rear access panel behind the rear seat where the jack is hidden that is pinging. I guess this may have something to do with the locking system but again i cant find a way of disconnecting it.

    I am happy to have the central locking deactivated if that is an option as it allows the car to be used. Any suggestions for for fixing or by passing the central locking system would be greatly received. just to add a bit, the cay does not have a remote fob as it had been lost long before it came to me, the CL is operated by a key in the door.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and for any comments or suggestions you may have.


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    Fuse 19 - 5amp fascia fuse box
    Fuse 55 - 5amp " " "
    Lower right of steering wheel.
    These are shown on Autodata as the fuses for the central locking. Unfortunately, doesn't show central locking module/relay.

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    The central locking control unit is under the front seat, So will have had a good bath. I've seen this before with these cars. You might get away with taking it indoors and drying it out for a good while.

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    Well thanks for the heads up chaps.

    I have had a look in the cubby hole under the passenger seat and yes its full to the brim of water. That means the ECU is under about three inches of water.

    So i think i have located the cause of the problem and certainly something to play with in the morning.

    just for a bit of further advice, does anyone know if this cubby hole is meant to have a drain, if so where it should be?. Also any success in getting the ECU to dry and come back to life again, or do i need to Ebay a new / replacement one.

    Thanks again

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