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Thread: Spraying a Bumper

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    Question Spraying a Bumper

    Can anyone tell me roughly how much it would cost to re-spray the front bumper of a lexus?

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    It depends on a few factors.
    Is it metalic or solid colour?
    Is it a secondhand bumper the same colour?
    Is there any damage to fix or is it just a quick rub down and spray?

    A decent bodyshop would probably charge around the £100 to £180 mark as a rough idea.
    The last bumper i had i prepped myself for paint and the resprayed it for £100 but all they had to do was paint it there was no prep work needed.

    Edit to add
    This is for a loose bumper off the car.If you are taking the car in with the bumper still on factor in another £40 to £80 to remove the bumper and refit.
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