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    Default Private numberplate help

    Hi, Well im now 21, and my Grandparents bought me a private plate for my birthday. I have received the form saying they bought it and that I am the nominee. I have read this form and found it quite confusing.
    I want to know if i need to download a form for it to be put onto my car?
    I know i need a form but im not sure what one! any help would be appreciated!

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    Happy birthday, try this website.

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    Echo that Happy 21st!

    I have a private plate and it was a bit of a hassle swapping from one car to another - try the website and if that fails get some bod to go through it with you but make sure you get their name! Good luck!

    BTW - beware a wee scam I came across with one or two insurance companies - they charged extra because I had private plates. If you have bought (or had the plates bought for you and given to you and you are legal owner, this is not always an insurance issue but a legal one if (heaven forbid) the car the plates are registered to you is stolen.

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    Also, be aware that it will cost around £75 to have the plate transferred onto any other vehicle you buy.

    As already mentioned, insurance companies will take every opportunity to scam more money from you as well

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    The only way I can think of that an insurance company could legitimately increase your premium for having personal plates, is if they had a sequence that could attract them as a target for vandalism (e.g., amending them to produce an expletive).
    This could result in damage to the vehicle, and therefore could be deemed as an extra risk.

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