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Thread: Oil leak...costs eek

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    Default Oil leak...costs eek

    Thanks to all the advice from the fab people on here, I have managed to find out that my "lost oil" is down to a leak after all... ;o(

    I was wondering if anyone has any idea of the kinds of costs involved in repairing engine leaks on a Nissan Micra 52 plate. What am I looking at for a typical repair?

    It had a service where they changed the filter and did an oil change..if that helps!

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    There is no way of judging how much an oil leak would cost to repair, as it could be a minor thing, easy to find and fix, or it could cost a lot of money taking the engine apart to repair it?

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    First thoughts would be, has the oil filter been screwed on oil tight, or has the oil sump drain plug (under engine) been replaced properly? In both cases, there would be oil showing around the item. If you could say, where you have found the oil on the engine someone may be able to give you some guidance on price. A (good) garage should be able to give you an estimate.

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